BrandSafway Monitoring Technicians & Taggers in Plaquemine, Louisiana

Monitoring Technicians & Taggers


All qualified applicants should submit their resume and Job Location to for further consideration

ISS - Mechanical, Analytical, & LDAR Business Unit provides Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) and Analytical Services to refineries, petrochemical facilities, gas processing plants, pulp and paper plants, pharmaceutical facilities, power plants, municipalities, and more. Our proven point-source leak detection methodologies and fugitive emission monitoring program contribute to improved compliance and reduced product losses. Our facility O&M capabilities help control potential environmental hazards and operating problems.

We are currently hiring Monitoring Technicians Taggers and Supervisors for the Plaquemine, LA area. This is a permanent position. No housing/per diem will be offered, therefore, the applicant will need to reside in the local area.

Monitoring Technicians/Taggers will be responsible for the following duties:

•Properly calibrates and maintains all monitoring equipment (i.e. checks filters on analyzers at least twice daily, and Teflon tip on probe often)

•Uploads/downloads data loggers using assigned computer systems.

•Properly execute and audit Method 21

•Properly document, audit, and repair instrument calibrations, certifications, or other analyzer related information.

•Note all sampling points and record and issues.

•Safely document all cooling tower leaks.

•Properly document all pertinent monitoring information.

•Properly locate all heat exchanger leaks when asked to do so buy our clients.

•Perform troubleshooting and emergency data recovery when needed

•Utilize appropriate abbreviations when documenting monitoring.

•Accurately complete leak list and deliver to responsible person in a timely manner.

•Be familiar with monitoring procedures for cooling towers, flare sampling, and soil samples.

•Work with maintenance to repair and monitor leaks.

•Communicate any unsafe or environmentally dangerous issues immediately to operations personnel and site supervisor

•Assemble, maintain and troubleshoot sampling equipment

•Follow quality assurance guidelines on equipment contamination, sample gathering, documentation and database.

•Prepares, attends, and advances in all required training programs.

•Assist others within (and occasionally outside) Operations Department as assigned or needed.

•Assist in agency audits (environmental and safety)

Mandatory requirements:

• Must possess excellent communication, interpersonal and documentation skills

• Must have the ability to work well in a dynamic group environment • Must be able to work in hazardous conditions, adverse weather, and cramped conditions

• Must be able to perform heavy lifting

• Must be able to maintain records, reports, or files

• Must be able to read technical drawings

• Must be able to understand technical operating manuals

• Must be adhere to safety procedures

• Must be physically able to climb towers, vessels, in pipe racks and on ladders

• Must meet minimal Computer requirements.

• Must work be able to work 40 hours a week.

• Must be available to work overtime as needed

• Must have at minimum a GED or High school diploma and 2 + years industry experience