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Borger, TX

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Full-Time Regular

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Project Controls Specialist – Site Assignment

Company Description:

Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services is the leading diversified provider of specialty multi-craft services to the North American Downstream energy infrastructure market. Its extensive portfolio of service offerings includes work access, specialty coatings, abrasive blasting, insulation, refractory, corrosion protection, weatherproofing and other related crafts. Brand operates in four key energy sectors: refining, Canadian Oil Sands, petrochemical and power generation. The company also serves the infrastructure construction markets throughout North America and in strategic international regions.

Summary of Position:

The Site Project Controls Specialist assists the project management and/or site management team in the execution of services related to planning, scheduling, cost engineering, and change management. This position helps to manage daily operations, weekly functions, and monthly functions. This position is responsible for maintaining the highest degree of honesty and integrity, and acting in a professional manner at all times. Safety is first and foremost in all activities.


Essential Functions:

  • Planning, Scheduling, & Project Reporting
  1. Scope Management – assist the project management team in monitoring the scope of work to assure it lines up with estimate / bid and contract documents.

  2. Project Deliverables – assist the project management team in producing the required deliverables, both internally and externally. Assure deliverables / reports are produced in the frequencies described in the contract documents.

  3. Kick-Off / Hand-Off Meetings – Lead site management team in a hand-off meeting when a new job is contracted. Complete checklist templates as required.

  4. Schedule Management – assist the project management team in monitoring and maintaining the project schedule(s). Attend schedule meetings as required.

  5. Progress Measurement / Reporting – Maintain construction / services progress curves. Maintain manpower histograms. Maintain installed / completed quantities curves, as required. Be able to communicate this information using standard project controls’ techniques and templates.

  6. Productivity Analysis & Calculation – Maintain productivity tables and curves on various reporting frequencies. Display Budget MH vs. Earned MH; as well as percent complete by feature of work.

  • Cost Engineering & Estimating
  1. Work Breakdown / Cost Breakdown Structures – Understand internal and external WBS and CBS breakdown structures. Understand contract types used in the industry. Assist project management team in setting up job numbers to best match required cost reporting.

  2. Cost Management – Understand funding process and limitations by contract. Monitor client purchase order value(s) and compare to Brand’s invoicing. Develop cash flow tables / curves as required. Understand Brand’s internal chart of accounts; communicate with Brand support staff to assure items are accurately coded.

  3. Cost Control – Assist project management team with Crew Mix / Crew Size calculations and / or reports. Assist project management team to set up and maintain cost control processes on site.

  4. Cost Forecasting – Be able to produce ‘cumulative costs to date’ reports at various levels of the WBS. Using historical data, productivity measurements, and trend analysis, be able to forecast total costs for discrete Scopes of Work.

  5. Invoicing – Assist project management team and Brand’s billing department with any necessary data, reports, or forms to assure the company invoices the client in a timely manner, and according to contract documents.

  • Change Management & Controls
  1. Change Management System – Understand the change management processes as they apply to each specific contract on the project. Be able to disseminate and explain the processes to other members of the site management team. When changes are identified, assist site team with the process. It is reasonable to expect that Brand will be paid for all work and / or services.

  2. Change Management Control – Assist site team to assure processes and controls are in place to identify, quantify, and price changes to the contract(s). Be able to produce reports – including Change Order Logs – that verify the change management process.

  3. Trend Analysis – Assist site team in capturing various trends.(Cost and MH trends.) To aid in change order requests and / or claims.

  • Risk and Delay Claims
  1. Risk Assessment & Management – Assist site management team in determining risks associated with the various scopes of work. Complete risk assessment checklists. Determine best practices to manage and / or mitigate identified risks.

  2. Delay Claims – Assist site management teams with delay claims. Be able to produce cost reports, schedule reports, or other documents to support company claims.


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BrandSafway, including its subsidiaries, is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, special disabled or Vietnam or other era veteran status.